Ten Really Goode Dance Tips


Keeping a dance scrapbook and making a note of all the music you like as well as magazine articles and photos will help to inspire you should you be stuck for ideas. 
If you want to perfect your final dance-work in performance get an outside critique to watch you or video it.  
As the saying goes “too many cooks spoil the broth” and this can also be true about too many choreographers, so name only one person to choreograph.
Find a mentor that you admire; this could be a dance teacher or a local performer and ask them to watch your dance work and make the most of their advice. However, always ensure that you take a friend to meet your mentor. Stay public stay safe.
To keep active and in the know, it’s a good idea to join a local dance school or youth company it is also good to get involved in summer schools and dance company residencies. To find out information on such places contact your local dance agency, council or arts board. 
Try and watch as many different types of dance performances as you can. Have a critical eye and decide why the dances are good or why they’re not.
It can be difficult to find rehearsal space. So try to negotiate some free rehearsal time at your school or college gym in the evenings or weekends. In return you could advertise them in your programme or place their logo on your dance company T-shirt. Failing this there is always your Local Park or bedroom. 
Increasingly youth dance activities are integrated with young dancers who are partially sighted, are deaf or have learning or physical disabilities, so whatever your circumstances get moving. 
Whether your interests are in sport, keeping fit or martial arts, what better way to tap into all of these than through dance?  
There are many different job opportunities in dance. Such as –dance teacher, choreographer, dancer, dance company manager, costume, lighting, etc   




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