Some Really Goode Tips For Potential Company Car Drivers
Many prospective, new and even old company car drivers forget in the excitement of choosing a car that there are a few things worth keeping in mind such as:
  • Don't own an asset that will only depreciate in value.
  • Don't keep a car outside of the warranty period
  • Look to have a vehicle registered in the last month in any quarter
  • Be prudent with your mileage requirement
  • Try to keep mileage and period of hire just below servicing intervals
  • Do not pay an administration set-up fee
  • Always ask for free of charge metallic paint
  • Make sure the excess mileage rate is charged on a flat fee
  • Try to keep one point of contact for your account management
  • Make sure you keep a copy of the vehicle condition report at the end of the termgoode advice on company cars
Source: Ben Samra, Fleet Business Manager, Concept Saab
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