Some Real Goode Overseas Investment tips


Many people dream of owning a property aboard, unfortunately many people let their heart rule their head and come unstuck, but so long as you look into to things and keep a level head things should be fine.goode overseas investments
  • Think about the security in the country you plan to invest in. Does it have a secure legal system? What language are the contracts in? Does it have a land registry?
  • An established market will provide a secure investment. It is important to have an exit route, ensure there is a market for completed property and an existing holiday market to ensure rental returns.
  • To protect yourself, from developer insolvency only enter into developments provided with bank guarantees or are already completed.
  • Buy off-plan for biggest returns but avoid paying your full deposit up front.
  • For immediate rental returns ‘key ready’ properties may be more appropriate.
  • Look for factors that indicate capital growth. Conversion to Euro currency and improvements to local infrastructure are all good indicators.
  • Consider the time spent arranging the purchase, legal, mortgage arrangement, furniture, rentals, property management etc. Some companies will manage this process for you and ensure the investment runs smoothly.
  • Don’t give yourself unrealistic rental expectations for your first few years. New developments require organic growth. 12-14 weeks is a realistic expectation.
  • Keep your initial monthly outgoings to a minimum. Look at interest only mortgages and borrow in the country you are investing in. Ensure you have a low redemption penalty to allow you to move to a repayment mortgage after a couple of years. 
 Source: Philip Jones – BMS Homes
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