Some Goode Top Ten Financial Planning Tips


Are you one of those people who live for today and not for the future! Well Goode on you!

But if you were to put a little more thought into the future you really can make the money you earn be of benefit and what's more - you may even save money, meaning you wouldn't have to work as hard..... that's if you didn't want to of course!!
  • Protect your mortgages /loans / credit cards against the financial affects of death, illness and redundancy.
  • Protect your loved ones against the financial affects of death and illness with life assurance and critical illness assurance.
  • Maximise your pension contributions. A little more will go a long way.
  • Have emergency fund of 3/6 months outgoings in a bank account with easy access to cover any unforeseen expenses.goode advice financial planning
  • Pay off debt before starting any regular savings.
  • Reduce the amount of tax you pay by opening an Individual Savings Account for your spare cash. No income tax is paid on the interest and no capital gains tax is paid on profits.
  • Spread the risk within any investment you have (including pension) by investing in a range of different assets.
  • Overpay your mortgage each month. You will reduce the amount of interest you pay over the life of the mortgage and will reduce the length of time you have your mortgage.
  • Make a Will. Use a professional & not a write your own Will kit.
  • Always take Independent Financial Advice from a qualified and professional adviser whom you trust.

Simon Baldwin - Coniston Wealth Management

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