How To Begin A Goode Web Article


When writing for a website a different approach is required in order to make sure your readers are captured and carry on reading.
As obvious as it sounds begin at the beginning go on to the end and then stop. If web writers follow this piece of advice readers will be eternally grateful.
Writers all too often do nothing of the kind, and instead of beginning an article with a clear statement. What you sometimes get is an anecdote or worse, personal information like Hello my name is Jim and I have been a home decorator for five years now and I have written this page …  
Sometimes indirect openings are fine for certain kinds of writing. However, with web writing – especially business writing the best way to begin is with a short clear statement about your topic.  
People who use the web want information and if you make it easy for them to find they will thank you. However if you make it hard and your introduction goes into a third or forth paragraph you may loose the interest of your reader. Research has shown that web users scan pages before they read them and they could scan right past your article if it doesn’t include key words about your topic or have a straightforward intro
To be successful be courageous with your writing; don’t blame yourself if it takes a while to come up with an opening that works as beginnings are often the most difficult part of the writing process. 




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