Goode Ways To Save Energy  

squashed bills

Energy audit. Phone your utility company to find out if they can advise you on how you can save money, many utility companies will come out to your home for free. So while they’re there ask if they have any other saving programs.
Bright idea. Where possible, use florescent bulbs around the home they not only use lest than 75% energy then incandescent they also last 10 times longer. It’s also a good idea to lower the wattage of your bulbs for non-reading lights.
Cut down on using the dishwasher. At least one day a week and you could save yourself £25 a year.
Be energy efficient with your appliances. When you’re shopping for dishwashers, washing machines, boilers, fridges and freezers choose ones with the Energy Saving Recommended logo
Keep it sealed. Use a lighted candle to detect drafts around doors and windows
Turn the dial. Don’t leave you thermostat turned up full all through the winter, surprisingly some winter days are quite mild so adjust the dial to suit; by turning it up or down by one degree you could reduce your energy bill up to five percent per month.   
Insulate. It’s worth investing in cavity and loft insulation, because a house that isn’t insulated can loose 33% of its heat loss through the walls alone. If the expense is too much there could even be grants and offers available to help you to pay. So don’t waste energy when it can easily pay for itself in a few years.
Vent fans. Kitchen and bathroom ventilation believe it or not can completely empty the house of warm air in about an hour so when you have used them close them or turn them off.
Portable heaters. Can be expensive as they cost around five pence per hour to run. So if you’re using one for eight hours a day it will be £2.80 a week or £11.20 per month
Watch the temperature. A thermometer can help keep your heating consistent, as it will tell you when to open and close your windows and doors.
Shut that door. Keeping doors closed in rooms that you’re not using will help to keep the rest of your home warm.
Wrap up your water tank. Buy a water tank jacket it will save you about £25 per year, and don’t forget to insulate the pipes as well. If you can set your water heater to come on at certain times of the day and turn off a night you will save around £15 per month.
Drip Drip Drop. Leaky taps are a problem, but leaky hot water is an emergency hot water drips can cost you around £15 per month. 



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