Goode Advice On Interview Nerves

Going for interviews, we all dread them; some people see them as interrogation after a night of endless sleep and nerves, but unfortunately it’s all part of the deal.

Job interviews are for your benefit as much as the company’s the company has an opportunity to get to know you; and you get the chance to decide whether you would like to work for them. Keeping this thought in mind means you’ll be ready to walk into the interview with your head held high.Interview Nerves

Here's five steps to help you on the way.
It’s not a good strategy to go to a job interview unprepared - it rarely does anyone justice and cuts your chance of a job offer, so what should you do to prepare? 
  • First of all research the company.
  • Find out about the kind of people who work there, the culture, products and vision.
  • Then use this information in your job description as examples of why you’re their most suitable candidate.
  • Think about the obvious questions.
  • There’s no way you can prepare for every question they ask you, but if you were the interviewer what questions would you ask to test whether somebody had the skills, and experience you were looking for? Prepare answers to the more obvious questions.     
  • By having a strong response that way it’ll be easier to come up with compelling answers to anything you’re asked on the day.
Be Confident

Even if you’re not, act it

The way you hold your body will affect the performance of your interview; do whatever you have to do to feel confident without appearing arrogant.

Try this exercise now. How would you be sitting if you were really nervous, would you slouch and look at the ground? Get in that position. What do you notice? Then change your position to how you would sit if you were confident and believed you could get the job. Perhaps you’d sit more upright and make good eye contact. Try it out now. How much more confident do you feel?

Help is out there
If you have experienced the “thanks but no thanks “letters it can really knock your confidence; so look for help either by reading up yourself or consider having specialist interview coaching to get some objective feedback and advice.
Relaxation is very important before an interview, so try not to get stressed the night before. Make yourself a check-list of everything from your suit - to travel directions, then tick it off and forget about it for the evening. Switch off, relax take a bath, read a book, watch TV, and most importantly get a good night’s sleep. 


Did you know that smiling releases endorphins which are the body’s natural antidote to stress? So if you notice your nerves creeping up before an interview relax take a deep





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