For Goodeness Sake

Don’t just tidy up after Christmas and stick everything in the loft and forget about it for another year.

Do something more therapeutic for yourself.
De-clutter! Your house, your office, your car, your wardrobe, your life. It’s an unbelievable tonic. Yes I know it looks a lot and you don’t know where to start but what have I taught you about milestones? Break it down into one job at a time and concentrate on the job in hand.
tidy upOnce de-cluttered, throw away anything that has not been used in the last 12 months or is not likely to be in the next. Yes I know you might need it one day, but if that’s the case you will just have to buy a new one. The chances are that when you do need it, you will have forgotten where you put it or even that you have it!
Don’t forget those charities that may benefit, and for those of you who like standing around in a muddy field, there is always the car boot option but don’t put everything to one side if it’s never going to happen, get rid!
To boost your confidence, make a list of all the great things you have achieved in your life and read this every night before you go to sleep. You will wake up full of life.
Always wear your best clothes. This will give you an instant boost, especially if you are feeling down.
Realize that you have no control over external events but you do have control over the way that they affect you.
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