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Have you ever had a moment in your life when you made a decision and that decision changed your destiny for the better in a split second (even if you did not know at the time)? Take a moment to think about all the things you have done in your life and just for a moment think about times when you could have turned left or right. Times like when you left home when you could have stayed, you choose that college when you had a choice of three others.
Did this improve your life in the short term or for the rest of your life?
Let me tell you about some of the brilliant moments that changed my life. When I started to make my list, I discovered there were loads and loads, some small and some major.
I have been very lucky in my life to be blessed with a fantastic family and a great group of friends. I have also been privileged to have been able to travel round the world mainly due to the kind people at British Airways (helps if your wife is an Air Stewardess)
What this has done for me is allow me to meet and see with my own eyes the way 1,000’s of people handle different situations. When I was in Cape Town, South Africa, I saw how some people were living in small metal huts and washing themselves in the dirty rivers yet others lived in 20 bedroom houses with maids. But what I found the most amazing was how even with what in this country we call nothing, many of the people I met, still had their pride and a big smile on their face. I would almost go as far as to say in some cases bigger smiles then the people I met in the big houses.
How did this change my life – simple “The secret is living, not moaning” Many of the people I saw, knew if they did not wash themselves, then sooner or later they would become ill. The people who lived in these small cramped metal sheds actually felt they were very lucky to have the metal sheds because it kept them dry when it rained.
Although this made me feel very humble sitting in first class on the way home, what made me even more driven to learn from this experience was when a fellow passenger complained that the lobster he had ordered (yes – you can get lobster now) was in fact smaller than he thought it would be, and could he have two. This was quickly followed by the champagne not being right and the film that he was watching not being as good as he had read it was going to be in the in-flight magazine (I guess he thought British Airways service included changing the end of films to fit in with their passengers).
Now before you say ‘what was you doing in first class’ let me just say it was due to me taking some great advice from a Goode friend who gave me a fantastic tip on how to get a free upgrade.
Now back to my story, When I got home I decided that not only would I share this experience with my friends and family but I would also make sure that for a period (I set myself a month) not to moan once about anything silly but only think of how lucky I was to be able to live with more than just a metal sheet above my head. This then started to grow and grow, at first it was just the fact that I had a job that I really loved doing and that although it has its moments all in all it was fun and I liked the people I worked with
Goodeadvice: Never do a job you don’t love. You spend a third of your life at work – make it a pleasure!            
Then I noticed that instead of moaning about why I could not have a new car or a bigger TV that if I was to just open my eyes their was so much I had right in front of me that if I just looked. It is amazing that if you look closely all sorts of things are right there just waiting for you
Goodeadvice: The right people will turn up at the right time – so keep your eyes open. You never know, the person sitting opposite to you on the train or the bus or in the waiting room, or that friend of a friend could hold the answer to so many questions in your life. But if you don’t talk to them, you’ll never know
Within days I had started to talk to more people and more importantly smile at more people, I had started to think of more and more ways that my life was actually full of things that we all take for granted every day. I remember meeting a highly stressed woman in a supermarket who was going red with anger because her small child was running round picking up things from the shelves. But when I commented on how lucky she was to have such a happy and carefree child and how I wished my child was that age again, so he could stop worrying about his exams. Her whole face changed and you could almost feel the stress disappear when she thought about how just like mine soon hers would have to face the big world and all the challenges that come with it.
I am sure that when I explained how I had always wanted a daughter, so I could get non-stop hugs, that at that moment, the world stopped and for a few seconds the noise of the people in the supermarket disappeared, the trolley full of shopping and the thought of how to get it all in the car just became less important and I will never forget this look on her face as she looked at her daughter (who by now had knocked over a pile of tins) and as if by magic, the little one just looked up and smiled in a way that only a little one can.
The whole experience never lasted more than 20 seconds but I bet for the rest of that day or even that week the bond between mother and child was once again strengthened.
What effect did it have on me – Well, I am telling you aren’t I.
Goodeadvice: look at what you do have, not at what you don’t, and you might just be totally shocked at just how much you actually have got.                  









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