Writing A Goode Marketing Plan
It is important for a marketing plan to:
Set clear, realistic and measurable targets - for example, increasing sales by 10 per cent
Include deadlines for meeting targets
Provide a budget for each marketing activity
Specify who is responsible for each activity
Ensure that you think out each objective logically. For example, if you’re making a number of new enquiries you might want to set a target for them. However, if you don’t provide the resources and training these enquiries will not turn into sales, and then you will have increased costs without any benefits.
Your strategy
To identify opportunities and threats that you may face you’ll need to assess the business environment; this will put you in the right direction to capitalise on your strengths or where you need to overcome a weakness.
Every part of your business must work together if you’re aiming for success, for example, you should avoid seeking large orders from customers if it involves cash up front, or them wanting extended credit especially if you have a limited cash flow. Remember stay focused on your long-term strategy.
Make it happen
Plans don’t happen by themselves, appoint someone responsible for chasing up overdue activities and monitoring progress. By reviewing your progress you will learn from your mistakes so that you can improve plans for the future.  

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