It’s Goode To Refill Your Ink Cartridges


Ink cartridge refilling has tended to get a bad name due to a number of inexperienced, organisations carrying out sub standard workmanship.
The concept of refilling is very simple, it relies on the premise that you can get a number of uses from the same inkjet cartridge or laser toner, before the cartridge becomes inoperative or the internal parts of the toner requires selective replacement.  Providing that the inkjet is properly filled with compatible ink and the toner with the same, there is no reason why the user should not get up to 4 uses and in some cases more from the one cartridge or toner. Each refill should yield the same number of copies as a new cartridge, with the added  satisfaction of knowing, that you have contributed towards the recycling of those parts, which under normal circumstances would have gone to the landfill, when empty the first time round.
Some astounding facts are: 
Goode Advice Ink Refilling
*Over 47 million cartridges are disposed of into the UK landfill sites each year
*Each cartridge takes more than 450 years to decompose
*In just 12 months cartridge recycling could save 15 million litres of oil in the UK alone
*A vast majority of laser toners and inkjet cartridges can now be refilled - saving up to 60% compared to new.
Prices start from £10 for a black inkjet & £20 for a black laser cartridge.
You find that Goode suppliers guarantee their work with a no quibble money back guarantee.
Wherever possible, they should test each cartridge to ensure it performs as well as the originals.
When new parts are required the Goode suppliers replace these at cost.
As more and more people are becoming educated in the alternative of refilling some suppliers offer the customers first inkjet refill free of charge so you may judge their quality and service.

Remember you don’t have to pay then earth – but you can certainly help to save it!!!!

Mark Barnett - Wefill-inkjet
(January 2008)






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