How To Achieve A Goode Customer Database

Databases are increasingly being used by organisations to manage customer relationships that increase sales and provide customer satisfaction. Key trends such as identifying your most and least profitable customers can be benefited by having a database; as can customer databases as they form part of a relationship between manages and customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a very important role in many marketing strategies, sales and small business.’ 

Information in this guide will help you to understand how to use a database for marketing and understanding the concept of CRM; you will also learn of what kind of information your business should be collecting in a CRM database and how to integrate it with other systems within your business. This guide also outlines practical steps of getting a database started, such as, finding the right supplier or solutions provider and how to develop your customer database further.
Database marketing and CRM - the benefits
A Customer Relationship Management system will help you to understand what and how your customers buy from your business, which is essentially how you will succeed.
The benefits
  • Increase of sales through new and existing customers, cross selling of other products and identifying needs effectively.
  • Effective marketing communications through a personal approach and development of new and improved products.
  • Increased value from your existing customers and reduce cost to serve.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention
To help you have a clear idea of what sort of person your focusing your marketing on you will need to have an effective marketing database as part of your CRM system; this will enable you to find out your most profitable customers and what characteristics they share. For example, it may be possible to group your customers according to geographic area that way you target your promotions and sales more precisely.

Other ways to successfully communicate with your customers is by identifying similar groups and target by a particular method, such as direct mail, telephone, email or face to face. Examples of this could be to reward regular profitable customers with targeted special offers, or you could target customers that haven’t had business from in the last year. CRM can help to measure the effectiveness of marketing so that you don’t waste time and money on customers who aren’t responding to promotions.


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