How To Do A Goode Phone Interview 


Recently we have been inundated with people asking us for advice on conducting a good telephone interview, so on that basis I have put some Telephone Interview Tips together to help you get through the first stage of an interview.
Until now I must admit I was unaware of how many companies now deal with their perspective employees by pre-screening them using the telephone.
To me the phone is my tool and I rarely get to see candidates face to face, but having interviewed candidates over the phone all these years I am sure I can get a good feel of a candidate from a telephone conversation.
A telephone interview will be very similar to a face-to-face interview and in many ways you are interviewed purely based on skills than how you look. So what do I look for when I interview someone on the phone? The same as face to face I will be asking probing questions and listening to the way those questions are answered.
So based on this you should do the same preparation you would have done if you were face to face i.e. research the company and the role and then put together the reasons why you would be suitable for the position.
Next you need to get your personality across on the phone, which isn’t as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is be calm, comfortable and professional. What may surprise you is, the way you address the phone, is the way you will put yourself across to the interviewer. If you stand while talking, you adopt a superior and confident position, if you sit you are not in control and if you are laid back they will know!
In my office my fellow consultants can always tell the importance of a telephone conversation, dependant on the posture I assumed, if I was chatting someone up I was almost horizontal. When I am trying to close a deal I would stand, if I am trying to get my point across I would pace, and to take it to the extreme, if I am being aggressive and dominant I would stand on the table (Mind you I never stand on the table anymore as being aggressive never gets you anywhere)
My key to a successful telephone interview is as follows:
Prepare for the phone interview research the company, have a copy of your CV with you
Stand when you make the call to show confidence and it helps you focus.
Smile because it will come across on the phone.
To finish, a telephone interview is a screening interview and will often be short and brief and the consultant will have a specific point they will want to check before they invite you in, hence if you have the CV in front of you will be ready for the question because obviously it will be related to the CV
When you send your CV to the company there is of course no guarantee that you will even get the interview, particularly if you do not have that much experience.
Hopefully though you have been getting some work experience, while you have looking for your ideal position because I can guarantee it is always easier to get a job if you are in one. It is really a process you need to go through to get that ideal role and the interview is only part of it, if you want to be a Brain Surgeon then a degree in Mathematics isn’t going to get you far. So no matter how well the interview goes you will not succeed in getting the job as a Brain Surgeon.
I know that this is obvious but you will be amazed how many people apply for jobs that they are not suited for, OK it is good to be positive but in time the countless rejections will get you down, it is important to look at where you are now, where you want to be, and then work a plan. Let’s say you want to be a Brain Surgeon, then you need to find out what qualifications you need, what experience and most importantly have you the basic skills.
I have no idea what experience you need to become a Brain Surgeon but I do know it takes many years and starts from when you are at school, which sums up the dedication you need.
It is the same for any position that you apply for, experience is the key and without it no matter what Job Interview Tips I give you it will make no difference at all.
I have seen quite a few interview books that claim they have every possible interview question and although they can help, fundamentally it really is down to whether the company likes you or not, because at the end of the day no matter how well qualified you are, if they do not like you, you will not get the job, it maybe just be B.O, or dirty shoes but it can be enough to put the interviewer off.
There is one thing that can make a big impression during an interview and this is your personality, in fact you can go a long way on this alone, even when you may not be suitable! There is this gut feeling you get when you interview a candidate when you know they are just right.
I suppose the question is why? Not an easy answer but there is this quality that stands out when the interviewer just knows that this candidate is the idea fit. It is when all the other points come together, the way you dress, the research you have done and then the way you present yourself. The final key is to be confident, smile and you get on with the interviewer.
As I said, "If you have enjoyed the interview then so have they". You also need to remember this point, you wouldn’t have the interview if the company didn’t think you were suitable in the first place, so don’t disappoint them by turning up late, not doing your research, and make sure you are dressed smartly and finally you believe in yourself!
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