Why does Goode Advice exist?
As a child every time I asked my father a question he would almost always answer me with either “well son” and then give me a Goode answer or he would say “well son” “I will tell you that later” and you can guess he would come back a few hours or at worst the next day and give me one again a very Goode answer.
For years I just thought that my father was some kind of genius who know everything (remember this was the days before the internet)
Then one day I heard him say “I don’t know, but I know someone who does”
It was that day, that moment and that second that the light came on or the bubble appeared or whatever clever metaphor you wish to use that I realized that it was simple. Everyone and I mean everyone know somebody who by the nature of the whole process knows somebody else.
I have a Goode friend who works at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham as a heart surgeon and is regarded as one of the top heart surgeons in the UK saving lives on a daily basis, but when he needs advice on what’s the best mortgage or credit card on the market he turns to another one of our Goode friends, who is regarded as a wizard in the finance world.
This is why I believe with a passion that if we can allow everyone to pass on their particular knowledge and expertise to the next person then not only would the world be an easier place to live but more importantly like me you would not need to waste so much money and effort “learning from our mistakes”
Now don’t misunderstand me, everyone has an “I know everything I do” kind of “friend”. But I am not talking about these wonderful people. What I wanted to do was bring together and gain advice from people who had been there and done it, experts who not only had the qualifications but had years of experience (good & bad) behind them.
People who, if you wanted to use, you know they knew their stuff.
Goodeadvice is NOT and never will be a social networking site where Uncle Harry can put his opinion in on something he did ten years ago.
Goodeadvice is based on real advice from leaders in field. For example when I personally give advice to people on how to get a themselves a better job (as recruitment and career advancement are my specialist areas) then I offer this advice based on my present and past companies having helped over 100,000 people make a successful career change. So the advice I offer is not just an opinion but advice based on years of experience of proven & highly successful methods.
When Martin Lewis one of the leading advisors on how to save money gives me advice on money saving tips then he does so based on the fact that 1.7 million people receive his newsletter every week.
When my Goode friend Lee Hendrie, the England, Aston Villa & Sheffield United footballer explained to me what it is like to ply your trade in front of 60,000 people knowing that one bad performance and that’s it, half the nation is baying for your head (and I thought I was nervous standing up at my sister’s wedding). So when he gives this advice it is based on the fact that he has played at the top level for over 15 years including the unbelievable pleasure of playing for his country.
When I asked Andrew Bond (CEO of Asda Wal-mart) a question on business development, Andrew gave me his answer with the credibility of being at the helm of a business with a net sales of £12 billion and part of the Wal-mart $256 Billion empire.
When these people talk to me I always listen – And so should you.
Goodeadvice is not however, all about famous friends and chief Executives of Billion pound companies. It is about all sorts of really knowledgeable people who have spent years developing and fine tuning their business and personal lives to make them very Goode at what they do.
What do I do?
Easy – I ask them for advice on subjects that I think my readers would like to know the answers on – And the greatest thing ever, is that the very best people always answer me.
And guess what:

When my son asks me a question I always say “well son – just give me ten minutes”





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